As many village parents are aware, some small pieces of glass were found in the soil in the play area on Wednesday and Thursday.

The Parish Council is very grateful for the vigilance of the parents who spotted the small pieces of glass and took action to report it quickly.

We have taken action to cordon off the affected areas, the tunnel mound and the House on the Hill mound, to avoid any contact with the contaminated soil.

We have reported the matter to the installers, HAGS SMP. Mark Grace, the managing director of HAGS SMP, has given his personal assurance that they will resolve this issue for us, and that he will press for an urgent conclusion.

The safety of play users is paramount, and sadly the sight of 2 of our most popular play items being closed off (once again) will persist until further notice. The Parish Council apologises to all of our village children and is keenly aware that next week will be one of the busiest on the calendar for the Governors’ Field.

We will continue to provide updates via the WPC website and Woodborough Web, and thank everybody for their understanding.

The Annual Meeting of the Parish takes place on May 21st.

The meeting starts at 7pm in the Village Hall, with teas and coffees served from 6.30pm.

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Cllr Pat Woodfield is the new Chairman of Woodborough PC.

Responsibilities for the new council are as follows:


Member(s) responsible


Pat Woodfield

Vice chair

Andrew Gough, John Charles-Jones


Pat Woodfield, Andrew Gough, John Charles-Jones

Village Hall

Jane Stone


Jane Stone, Colin Starke, Charles Wardle


Patrick Smith, John Charles-Jones, Daniel Raynor, all

Conservation Area/TPO

Patrick Smith


Andrew Gough

Rights of Way

Andrew Gough


Paul Berrisford

Sports clubs & playing field

Paul Berrisford

Institute liaison

Paul Berrisford

Governors’ Field inc play equipment

Colin Starke

Sam Middup Field

Daniel Raynor

Maintenance inc Lengthsman/Gardenscape liaison

Charles Wardle

Flood scheme/EA liaison

Margaret Briggs, John Charles-Jones

Emergency planning team liaison

Margaret Briggs

Health & safety

Colin Starke

Following the recent uncontested election, we have 1 vacancy on the Council, and the PC wishes to co-opt 1 new member.

Anyone interested in becoming a Parish Councillor should write to Averil Marczak (the Clerk) by 5th June 2019 expressing their reasons for wishing to join the Council.

Applicants will be invited to the meeting of the WPC on 11th June, to speak briefly about their interest in the role and their skills and experience.

You are welcome to contact the Clerk using the details below to ask questions and discuss the role.

To apply, write to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or 4 Knighton Rd, Woodthorpe, Nottingham NG5 4FL

tel 0115 8498195

Woodborough Ward is uncontested, see the notice of uncontested election.

Woodborough in Bloom is looking for new volunteers to help the team. Some of the long standing volunteers are no longer able to do as much as previously, and fresh hands are required if we want to keep up the standard of our village displays. COULD YOU HELP? We’re looking for new volunteers to join the bowser (watering) rota as well as help in planting the displays. Brute strength is just as welcome as gardening expertise! Everyone loves seeing the floral displays, so please help us ensure that they can carry on. Please contact the Clerk if you can help.

The main focus of the team is around flooding. There are several willing volunteers who turn out when the village floods and the parish council thanks them all for their efforts in what can be very challenging circumstances.

It doesn’t involve huge amounts of time. There are roughly 2 meetings a year.

For more information please contact Margaret Briggs.

There is a copy of the Emergency Plan on the Parish Council website.

The Parish Council would like to thank Nick Blinston for all his hard work in chairing the Emergency Planning Committee over the last few years. He has decided to step down from this position due to other commitments.

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