Woodborough Parish Council has submitted its Annual Governance and Accountability Return to the auditor. You can see the return and find out more about your rights to inspect and ask about the accounting records here.

The accounting records can be inspected between 11th June and 20th July.

Woodborough Parish Council has adopted a new privacy notice to comply with GDPR.

Following works to improve and returf, some of the playground will continue to be fenced off for a number of weeks to allow the turf to establish itself.

The Parish Council apologises for the closure.

Fill out the WPC consultation quickly and easily online (on average it takes 5 minutes) - click here

By April 16th, a second copy of the green questionnaire sheet will be delivered to all homes in the village. Please only fill this in if you did not return the questionnaire last October/November. The deadline for returns is April 30th.

The survey is also available online:

Following the purchase of the Sam Middup Field, this is the initial phase of consultation to draw up a "wish list" of facilities for the village. Once the Parish Council has received your views on leisure and meeting facilities, then more detailed and costed proposals can be drawn up for the Sam Middup Field. There will be further consultation at this and every stage.

Please do take the time to fill out the form or the online survey. We are seeking the views of adults and also chlldren and young adults over the age of 11.

In Section 2, there is a list of ideas. There are some representative images here for some of the ideas which may not be familiar.

If you have any questions, or did not receive a questionnaire, please contact the Clerk on 8498195.

Unfortunately the Woodborough Wetlands flood mitigation project will not go ahead. The PC worked to explore alternative avenues that might have salvaged the project but these were unsuccessful.

Woodborough Parish Council is enormously appreciative of the tremendous efforts made by the Environment Agency to try to get this project off the ground and will continue to work with them.

Georgina Preston of the Environment Agency said:

As you will already be aware, in January 2017 we held an event at Woodborough Village Hall regarding our outline plans for a wetland area on land off Bank Hill, in Woodborough village. Since then, we have continued to discuss the proposals with the landowner to finalise a design.

The proposed wetland would have remained in the ownership of the private landowner. The Environment Agency would have taken on maintenance of the critical flood defence aspects of the scheme, with the remaining parts being maintained and managed by the landowner. We had continued to work with the landowner to finalise the design and maintenance plans. These schemes require partnership working and agreement from both sides. Initially it looked like it could work really well, but as the scheme progressed we were unable to reach a resolution that would satisfy both parties and as such we are unable to progress this scheme further.

We are disappointed not to be able to construct this wetland and will continue to explore other opportunities in the future.

Woodborough has won its section of the Best Kept Village Competition (villages with a population from 700 - 2000) and will now go through to the final. The next stages of judging take place during the last 2 weeks of September and the first week of October.

A huge thank you and congratulations to the WCA for their work and leadership, and to Woodborough in Bloom for their colourful displays! Thanks as well to all of their volunteers and to everyone in the village for helping to ensure that the frontages and public places look at their best.

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