Woodborough has won its section of the Best Kept Village Competition (villages with a population from 700 - 2000) and will now go through to the final. The next stages of judging take place during the last 2 weeks of September and the first week of October.

A huge thank you and congratulations to the WCA for their work and leadership, and to Woodborough in Bloom for their colourful displays! Thanks as well to all of their volunteers and to everyone in the village for helping to ensure that the frontages and public places look at their best.

Please can all Village Hall users - whether they use the hall every day or once in a blue moon - take time to read the Emergency Evacuation and Fire Procedures to ensure that everyone is familiar with these procedures in the event of an emergency or fire.

Click below to see further visualisations of the new play equipment:


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The Parish Council is pleased to confirm that new play equipment for the Governors' Field is now on order.

Congratulations and a huge vote of thanks goes to the Woodborough GREAT team, led by Ian Brown. WIth energy, creativity and commitment, not to mention hundreds of hours of hard work, they have masterminded a new layout full of modern and exciting equipment and importantly have secured significant grant funding from 3 bodies, meaning that the Parish will be required to meet less than a third of the cost.

Colin Starke, GREAT team member and Parish Councillor said:

"As you will probably already have heard, new play equipment for Governor’s Field is no longer a dream! The Woodborough GREAT team reached its fundraising target and has just ordered a whole new range of exciting and challenging play equipment which will be installed on the Field this summer. Thanks to grants from WREN, the Samuel Eden Trust, Nottinghamshire County Council, profits from last year’s Street Market stall and the GREAT quiz night, several donations from residents, and a substantial contribution from our Parish Council, we will have GREAT new play facilities for our young people to start enjoying in a few months’ time. Inevitably Governor’s Field must be closed for several weeks to allow our supplier to install the new equipment. This is likely to be from mid June to mid July, so that it is ready for the summer holidays. An exact date for the start of the installation will be announced later. We hope that all users of the Field will bear with us during the closure."


At its meeting on January 17th 2017, the Parish Council agreed the precept for 2017/18. The PC’s precept is collected by Gedling Borough Council as part of the Council Tax bill.

WPC has agreed to raise its precept this year to £67,645. The impact for each housing band is shown at the foot of this article.

WPC has applied substantial increases to the precept over the last two years (as shown in the table below) to make significant investment in play and recreation. As austerity bites, it has been harder for a parish like Woodborough to secure grants, with grant providers like Notts County Council focusing more on the deprived areas of the county.

An increase of £12,915 was raised in 2016/17 to contribute to the £30,000 that WPC committed in its budget towards new play equipment for the Governors’ Field. In its budget for 2017/18, WPC has committed a further £20,402 towards the new play equipment. This means that – with a grant from WREN for £50,000 (secured by the marvellous endeavours of the GREAT  team headed up by Ian Brown) – a minimum of £90,000 will be available to transform play for Woodborough’s children this year. Further grant applications – if successful – will extend the scope of the project and may even reduce the amount that is met by WPC.






£ Precept




£ increase vs previous year





Reasons for increase – incremental expenditure


30,000 for play equipment

20,402 for play equipment

8,367 for Sam Middup Field

The acquisition of the Sam Middup Field was not included in the budget of 2016/17. The detailed accounts involved with the purchase can be viewed on the Sam Middup Field page on this website. £16,400 of the forecast expenditure for 2016/17 has been met from reserves, while the balance was met from borrowing. In 2017/18 the budgeted expenditure on the field is £8,367 which comprises repayments for the loan and the cost of further consultation and maintenance. Maintenance costs will be low during the current Farm Business Tenancy – under which WPC has agreed to let the field to a farmer in the short term while a plan for the field is developed.

The costs of the conversion of the field for recreational use will need to be considered in detail once we have consulted upon the potential facilities and design. It should be noted that WPC does not foresee making any further significant capital contribution towards Governors’ Field play equipment in 2018/19 or the following years.

Precept by band, £ per annum





Band A




Band B




Band C




Band D




Band E




Band F




Band G




Band H




Total precept for parish




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