Thank you to all the hardworking Speedwatch volunteers in Woodborough.

The Woodborough Community Speedwatch Team works in partnership with Nottinghamshire Police and aims to encourage considerate driving in the village, thus helping to keep all road users safe.  

The Woodborough Speedwatch project is coordinated by Woodborough Parish Council. The 3 villages of Calverton, Lambley and Woodborough share the equipment, which was purchased some time ago. After a temporary lull, activity is now restarting in all areas.

Aims of Speedwatch:

The aim of Speedwatch is to encourage responsible driving in all 3 villages. Woodborough’s roads are potentially dangerous. There has been a fatality on Bank Hill and there have been other accidents and near misses. Road users include cyclists, walkers, animals, children, elderly people, who are all vulnerable on fast, narrow roads. Some roads on the edge of the village have no footway and are not lit so adding to risk. 

Speedwatch does not aim to punish drivers, instead it attempts to persuade drivers to adhere to the 30mph speed limit. 


Volunteers are always very welcome. Even if you can only spare an hour very occasionally your support would be welcomed.

Please contact the Clerk.


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