As many village parents are aware, some small pieces of glass were found in the soil in the play area on Wednesday and Thursday 22nd / 23rd May.

The Parish Council is very grateful for the vigilance of the parents who spotted the small pieces of glass and took action to report it quickly.

We have taken action to cordon off the affected areas, the tunnel mound and the House on the Hill mound, to avoid any contact with the contaminated soil.

HAGS visited the site on Tuesday 4th June and took away soil samples. They are taking the matter very seriously and treating it as high priority. Mark Grace, the managing director of HAGS SMP, has given his personal assurance that they will resolve this issue for us, and that he will press for an urgent conclusion.

We are in negotiation with HAGS to resurface the worn areas with ecomulch, at no cost to the parish. 

The safety of play users is paramount, and sadly the sight of 2 of our most popular play items being closed off (once again) will persist until further notice. The Parish Council apologises to all of our village children.

We will continue to provide updates via the WPC website and Woodborough Web, and thank everybody for their understanding.