Woodborough Parish Council was saddened to hear of the deaths of 2 former parish councillors. Our thoughts are with the bereaved families and friends.

Geoff Parkinson was a formidable force on the council and served as chairman between 2007 and 2010. Geoff’s legal knowledge was invaluable to the PC, bringing principle and structure to much of its decision making, and saving the parish a small fortune in legal fees over the years. His legal expertise was matched by common sense and a can-do attitude that helped to get things sorted, including the kitchen and committee room refits at the Village Hall, and plenty of unseen maintenance and repair work. For many years, Geoff joined his fellow councillors putting the Christmas lights up in the Governors’ Field trees. The November weather was generally foul but I understand the banter was good!

The Parish Council was but one of Geoff’s contributions to the community. He helped to keep the beautiful planters watered as part of Woodborough in Bloom’s “bowser rota”,  was a member of the Independent Monitoring Board at Lowdham Grange Prison and had also worked with the Police as a volunteer.

After stepping down from the Parish Council in 2015, Geoff became the key trustee for Woodborough Town Lands Charity, the charity which benefits from the allotment income. He remained in social and professional contact with many members of the council, and was the Clerk’s go to source of information regarding any land registry or legal issue.

We will miss Geoff’s expertise, his energy and his sense of mischief. Our heartfelt condolences go to Sue.

John Boot was a distinguished and long serving member of both Woodborough Parish Council and Gedling Borough Council.

John’s intricate knowledge of the Borough Council’s workings made him an invaluable member of the Parish Council. John understood precisely how to influence Gedling’s officers for the good of the parish, and he was an expert on the planning processes. On more mundane issues, such as waste collection or street cleaning, John always knew the name and phone number of the person who could get things sorted.

We remember John as an exemplary gentleman. He was quieter than many of his PC colleagues, but when he spoke everyone listened, and it was not unusual for a few of John’s well chosen words to change the course of a debate. His legal knowledge was matched by his wisdom.

John stood down from Gedling Borough Council at the 2015 elections, shortly after which he was awarded “the most honourable distinction and title of Honorary Alderman of the Borough of Gedling … in recognition of his eminent service to the Borough Council over a long period of years and as an expression of the high esteem in which he is held by members of the Council and their fellow citizens”.

Woodborough Parish Council echoes these sentiments and sends its heartfelt condolences to Jean and the family.


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