Woodborough Parish Council is proud of its village hall and the facilities that it offers to the parish.

village-hallThe village hall was built in 1973 and is at the heart of village life.

The main hall has a capacity of 200, if seated theatre style. A maximum of 150 can be accommodated to sit and eat at tables.

There is also a committee room suitable for meetings and a modern kitchen with a dishwasher. There is car parking for 50 cars.

Bookings made by non residents are limited to events for 50 people.

Woodborough Village Hall is the meeting place for many community groups and home to Woodborough Pre-school. The hall is available for private functions and early booking is advised.

How to make a booking at the Village Hall

Requests to book the Village Hall can now be made online, via the Hallmaster platform. Booking requests go to our caretaker via Hallmaster.

You can also look at the Village Hall diary to find out when it is free, and contact our caretaker to make the booking, tel 07512 327609.

Our hourly charges for the main hall are as follows:

  • Woodborough Resident rate £13/hour for weekday hire and £15/hour for weekend hire
  • Non-residents £20/hour weekday and weekend hire

To see the current village hall diary or request a booking please click the image below, which will take you to Hallmaster:

Village Hall Diary link image

If you wish to book directly with our caretaker, booking forms and conditions of hire can be downloaded below.

Please ensure that you read the separate document which details the booking conditions before returning your form:

Village Hall booking terms and conditions .- updated 15th June 2017

The terms and conditions include details of emergency evacuation procedures. All users should make themselves familiar with the procedures, which also can be viewed on a single page here.

Booking forms - rates apply from April 1st 2024

Children's party booking form

For all other weekday bookings:

Village Hall weekday booking form and rates of hire - residents of Woodborough

Village Hall weekday booking form and rates of hire - non residents

For all other weekend bookings:

Village Hall weekend booking form and rates of hire - weekend

Village Hall Bookings Policy - updated June 2014

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