The Agenda for the next Parish Council meeting will be posted on this site three days before the meeting, and also displayed on the noticeboard outside the Post Office. Archived agendas are provided on the web site for the previous year.

The agenda always includes time for village residents to address the Parish Council.

Note on downloading agenda: all documents are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, so you will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view them. This can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe here.


Latest Agenda


      January 8th 2024

      February 5th 2024

      March 4th 2024

      April 8th 2024

      May 20th 2024 

      June 3rd 2024


     January 23rd 2023

     February 6th 2023

     March 6th 2023

     April 3rd 2023

     May 15th 2023 (several agenda items on this agenda deferred until June meeting)

     June 5th 2023

     June 14th 2023 Extraordinary Meeting

     July 3rd 2023

     August 2nd 2023 Extraordinary Meeting

    September 4th 2023

     October 2nd 2023

     November 6th 2023

     December 11th 2023



      January meeting cancelled due to pandemic

      February 7th 2022

      March 7th 2022

      April 4th 2022

      May 9th 2022

      June 6th 2022

      July 25th 2022

      September 5th 2022

      October 3rd 2022

      November 7th 2022

      December 5th 2022


       January 5th 2021 Extraordinary Meeting

       January 12th 2021

       February 9th 2021

       March 9th 2021

       April 27th 2021 

       May 4th 2021

       June 8th 2021

       July 13th 2021

       September 6th 2021

       October 4th 2021

       November 1st 2021

       November 22nd 2021 Extraordinary Meeting

       December 13th 2021


       January 7th 2020 Extraordinary Meeting

       January 14th 2020

       February 11th 2020

       March 10th 2020

       April 14th 2020 (Remote Meeting)

       May 12th 2020 (Remote Meeting)

       June 9th 2020 (Remote Meeting)

       June 30th 2020 Extraordinary Meeting (Remote Meeting)

       July 21st (Remote Meeting)

       August 14th 2020 Extraordinary Meeting (Remote Meeting)

       September 7th (Remote Meeting)

       October 13th (Remote Meeting)

       November 10th (Remote Meeting)

       December  8th (Remote Meeting)























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