Inspector Chris Pearson came to the December Parish Council meeting and is keen to work closely with the village.

Read his latest newsletter.

A letter from Margaret Briggs, Chair of Woodborough Emergency Planning Committee and Woodborough Parish Councillor

15th November 2019

I would like to thank all the volunteer flood wardens who were out yesterday in very difficult circumstances. Particular thanks go to Sue Walker who co ordinated us so well.

Also many thanks go out to the residents who helped their friends and neighbours protect their properties. Our sympathies go out to the people in the village who were unable to keep the water from their houses.

Thanks to the staff at Woodborough School and Playgroup for taking care of the children until their parents were able to get into the village to pick them up.

We flood wardens were very grateful for the cups of tea and coffee offered and brought to us whilst we were manning our posts. Thank you.

We will be having a debrief meeting. If anyone has any comments please let me know.

If anyone would be interested in becoming a flood warden please get in touch with me. My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Once again thank you all for your efforts, great community spirit. What a lovely village we live in.

Following his co-option to the PC, welcome to John Newsome who is our 11th councillor. We now have a full complement of members.

Cllr Pat Woodfield is the new Chairman of Woodborough PC.

Responsibilities for the new council are as follows:


Member(s) responsible


Pat Woodfield

Vice chair

Andrew Gough, John Charles-Jones


Pat Woodfield, Andrew Gough, John Charles-Jones

Village Hall

Jane Stone


Jane Stone, Colin Starke, Charles Wardle


Patrick Smith, John Charles-Jones, Daniel Raynor, all

Conservation Area/TPO

Patrick Smith


Andrew Gough

Rights of Way

Andrew Gough


Paul Berrisford

Sports clubs & playing field

Paul Berrisford

Institute liaison

Paul Berrisford

Governors’ Field inc play equipment

Colin Starke

Sam Middup Field

Daniel Raynor

Maintenance inc Lengthsman/Gardenscape liaison

Charles Wardle

Flood scheme/EA liaison

Margaret Briggs, John Charles-Jones

Emergency planning team liaison

Margaret Briggs

Health & safety

Colin Starke

The main focus of the team is around flooding. There are several willing volunteers who turn out when the village floods and the parish council thanks them all for their efforts in what can be very challenging circumstances.

It doesn’t involve huge amounts of time. There are roughly 2 meetings a year.

For more information please contact Margaret Briggs.

There is a copy of the Emergency Plan on the Parish Council website.

The Parish Council would like to thank Nick Blinston for all his hard work in chairing the Emergency Planning Committee over the last few years. He has decided to step down from this position due to other commitments.

Please can all Village Hall users - whether they use the hall every day or once in a blue moon - take time to read the Emergency Evacuation and Fire Procedures to ensure that everyone is familiar with these procedures in the event of an emergency or fire.

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