Scam alert –

Woodborough Council has been made aware that scam emails from emails (including This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) have been sent to some local businesses, service providers and clubs to inform them that their business listing expires soon and presents an option to renew or cancel. This is a scam which attempts to charge businesses, service providers and clubs to continue their business listing.

The site uses a style template making the whole thing look very official, including details of elected members for the Parish Council and also our borough and county councillors. All details presented are taken from other public websites, and has nothing to do with national or local government.

We've had a number of emails telling us to pay to relist the Village Hall when we never listed in the first place - all the data seems to have been harvested from google and then used to try to generate some cash.

Please be aware that parish council websites exist to serve their community and no charges are ever made to promote businesses, service providers and clubs. Please delete any emails received from an email address ending in – they are a bogus organisation and do not act in the best interest of parish councils, organisations and communities.

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