At the WPC meeting held on March 7th, Chairman Andrew Gough made the following statement regarding the sentencing of Daniel Harrison:

I can say on behalf of the Parish Council that at no time were we aware or advised of any investigation into Mr Harrison. The first time we were aware of the matter was when the report was published in the Nottingham Post on 28th February 2022.

Mr Harrison helped to maintain the cricket square on behalf of Woodborough Cricket Club (the 'Club'). He did not look after the playing field on behalf of the Parish Council at any time.

The Parish Council hires the use of the pavilion and pitch to the Club and have done for a number of years. As part of this we do not stipulate who can and cannot work/volunteer for the Club, nor do we manage any events they may arrange. The Club would have their own procedures in place to deal with a situation like this, including a safeguarding policy which would be followed in the appropriate circumstances. It is our understanding that the Club did indeed have such procedures in place. We also understand that they too were unaware of the investigation into Mr Harrison.

The community events at which he assisted were organised by the Woodborough Community Association (WCA) who again used the playing field with the agreement of the Parish Council, and had their own procedures in place. They too were unaware of any investigations into Mr Harrison.

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