Following his co-option to the PC, welcome to John Newsome who is our 11th councillor. We now have a full complement of members.

Cllr Pat Woodfield is the new Chairman of Woodborough PC.

Responsibilities for the new council are as follows:


Member(s) responsible


Pat Woodfield

Vice chair

Andrew Gough, John Charles-Jones


Pat Woodfield, Andrew Gough, John Charles-Jones

Village Hall

Jane Stone


Jane Stone, Colin Starke, Charles Wardle


Patrick Smith, John Charles-Jones, Daniel Raynor, all

Conservation Area/TPO

Patrick Smith


Andrew Gough

Rights of Way

Andrew Gough


Paul Berrisford

Sports clubs & playing field

Paul Berrisford

Institute liaison

Paul Berrisford

Governors’ Field inc play equipment

Colin Starke

Sam Middup Field

Daniel Raynor

Maintenance inc Lengthsman/Gardenscape liaison

Charles Wardle

Flood scheme/EA liaison

Margaret Briggs, John Charles-Jones

Emergency planning team liaison

Margaret Briggs

Health & safety

Colin Starke

Please can all Village Hall users - whether they use the hall every day or once in a blue moon - take time to read the Emergency Evacuation and Fire Procedures to ensure that everyone is familiar with these procedures in the event of an emergency or fire.

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